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Tutor in Psychology, TentamenTrainingen, Groningen, Netherlands (June 2019 – Present)

Statistics III

Associate Lecturer, University of Kent, UK (2014 – 2017)

Introduction to Psychology (lectures)
Culture and Psychology (guest lectures)
Motivation (seminars)
Attitudes and Cognition (drop-in sessions)
Psychology Statistics and Practical (lab demos)
Investigating the Social Mind (syllabus development)

Bachelor’s and Master’s Theses Co-Supervision, University of Kent, UK (2014 – 2018)

  • The influences of violent environment in women’s socialization of their sons and boyfriends with masculine honor values

  • Examining the relationship between honor endorsement and forgiveness

  • Everyday relationships in the workplace: The role of culture of honor in responses to constructive criticism

  • Do culture of origin and honor norms influence immigrants’ acculturation?

  • Honor and judgments of gender role violators in honor cultures: Saudi Arabia as an example

  • Asserting masculinity and femininity through traditional notions of manhood and womanhood in high and low honor individuals

  • Measuring the effects of threatened masculinity and femininity within high and low honor individuals

  • The role of honor endorsement on perception of gender norm violators

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